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No more endless scrolling, ineffective keyword targeting, or awkward ad placements. Transform how you think about your YouTube advertising with Vid Hoarder.

I would tell anybody that if you don't use Vid Hoarder, you're crazy! The return on the investment of using it is immeasurable. At least it has been for me. I would recommend it to everybody and I do, every time I get the chance. So use it. It works.

Frank Kern

Tired of having your ad show up on random music videos or limiting your ad to a few relevant YouTube placements?
Vid Hoarder offers you a better way.

Find hundreds of relevant video URLs with a few clicks of your mouse. Now you can reach your target audience with less time, less stress, and less wasted money.

Don’t worry about onboarding a virtual assistant just to find you the perfect video placements . . . or spending hours combing through hundreds of videos to vet the content yourself.

With Vid Hoarder, you’ll be able to run more profitable YouTube ad campaigns in the blink of an eye. Experience what it’s like to free up time and resources to dedicate to other parts of your business—all while getting superior YouTube advertising.

Marketing and advertising for you or your client’s business has never been easier.

You Might Be Thinking, “But What I’m Doing Works Well Enough!”

Your current approach to YouTube advertising may be driving decent results. But are you ready to settle for “good enough” when it comes to the success of your business?

Stop and ask yourself: How much of your time is spent strategizing and implementing? If your answer is, “Way too much!” then this is the tool you’ve been looking for.

Take your time back and start dedicating it to where you can really make a difference, instead of wasting it on busywork.


Your YouTube Advertising Solution

Create ad campaigns faster than you ever thought possible. Vid Hoarder is designed to be a next-generation tool that synthesizes the right videos for you instantly . . . without manually pulling links or sifting through thousands of videos.

Instead, you can use Vid Hoarder's cutting-edge algorithm to get the video URLs you need to paste right into your Google Ad campaign—with just a couple of clicks. It’s as simple as that.

Chandler Perog

Thanks for this tool! We were struggling to get YouTube Ads working for our software business. YouTube default targeting tools weren't helpful and we started to see that our ads were showing up on channels that weren't optimized for our business. While I was researching better targeting strategies, I came across Vid Hoarder. It made a lot of sense so I signed up, and right away I found thousands of videos and channels to place our ads on. It streamlined the process of finding the best channels to advertise on without all of the work of searching. When I added my Vid Hoarder list to my YouTube Ads targeting, things immediately clicked and we started getting the results we had been hoping for!

Chandler Perog

COO at

Identify Thousands of Videos in an Instant

Time is money. When you spend hours a day setting up your Google Ads or vetting YouTube channels to make sure they’re a good fit for your brand, it’s like washing cash down the drain.

Instead of wasting resources or outsourcing the task, Vid Hoarder makes finding video ad placements a single-step process.

Stop relying on Google’s automated targeting process that delivers mediocre results . . . Or just throwing your hands up and settling for “good enough.”

Vid Hoarder gives you the best of both worlds, so you get impressive results from your ads while also getting your time back.

If you're ready to...

Save time and stop spending hours digging to find the right video placements
See an impact to your bottom line thanks to effective YouTube advertising
Stop outsourcing time-consuming work to a virtual assistant
Abandon Google’s automated targeting that just doesn’t get the job done
Adopt a faster way to do your video marketing

...then Vid Hoarder is for you!

Experience profitable YouTube Ad targeting for yourself

Our subscription takes all of the guesswork out of YouTube video ad targeting. Get the answers you need, without all the hassle.

This is one of the best tools for YouTube. The amount of targeting that happened from the Vid Hoarder approach was crazy. If you haven’t jumped in to experience Vid Hoarder, you should do it!

Rob P
Rob Pene

No Faster Way to Find Placements

There’s no ad targeting more effective than placement targeting. And now, you can opt-in easily and efficiently to maximize your results. Get more for your money with Vid Hoarder!

Stop targeting keywords, topics, and audiencies, and stop seeing your ads in places you don't want to.

With Vid Hoarder, you can be worry-free about where your ad ends up. Instead, use our advanced placement targeting tool that gives you the results you need.

Meet Your Target Audience Where They Are

Instead of flying blind or making best guesses, now you can place your ads in videos you know they’ll watch.

With Vid Hoarder, you can search by keyword so you pick and choose the videos you want . . . or just copy and paste the entire results page. Then, add them right to your Google Ads account.

You can even target every single video in any given channel for a smarter approach to video advertising.

Plus, as a Special Bonus, get free access to an exclusive YouTube Ads training presented by Kyle Sulerud

If you’re looking for advice from the experts, Kyle is your man. With over 4,000 YouTube subscribers, he’s who people turn to for all things video advertising. From audience and keyword targeting to bidding to ad strategies, he’s a seasoned expert who has the insights any successful business owner needs. And now, you’ll get his ad training totally free with your Vid Hoarder subscription to take your marketing to the next level.

Take back control of your own tactics.
Stop relying on Google’s less-than-optimal approach.

Use video ads to your advantage with Vid Hoarder so you can...

Find profitable targeting, faster than ever before
Spend less time combing through never-ending channels and videos
Eliminate unnecessary busywork and annoying admin tasks
Uncover hundreds of videos with a few clicks

. . . and see the results for yourself!

Become a YouTube Ads Superstar

Step up your skills with help from the right tools.

Whether you’re running paid media for your own business or for one of your clients, there’s no better way to look like a marketing rockstar than to get metrics that back you up. From increased click-through rates to climbing conversions, YouTube ads are an effective way to drive traffic—and ultimately, profit. But to get people to want to buy, you have to first find the RIGHT people. Once you nail down your target audience, finding them online can be a huge hurdle to overcome.

Not anymore.

Vid Hoarder is designed to take the mystery out of video ad placements. Instead of working in the dark and finding ads that work “well enough,” you can now choose the most targeted, effective, and insightful videos and channels that will get your ads in front of your ideal audience. Stop second-guessing yourself and feel confident in knowing that you’re using the best approach. Find the hundreds or thousands of videos you need to get your business booming with Vid Hoarder and watch your success skyrocket.

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